Hip Protector AD0702

Size(W*L*MaxT mm): 160*190*8.2    

Application: Ski, Snowboard, Skate, Motorcycle    

Feature: Ergonomic design. Hollow pattern structure. Breathable and comfortable    

Certification: EN 1621-1 level 1/level 2   


STRUCTURE:Flower, Wave, Honeycomb, Hinge, Mesh, Mutilayers, Customized
MANUFACTURING:Foaming, Injection
COLOR:Whatever you like
SERIES:Choose based on the specific application scenario
COMPLEX:Composite specific flm or fabric to expand tear resistance, waterproofreproof bulletproof and other perticular functions

Benefits of Skate Hip Pads

Impact Protection: These pads are engineered to absorb and disperse impact forces, minimizing the risk of injury during falls or collisions.

Comfort: Designed for a snug and comfortable fit, skate hip pads ensure you can move freely while riding.

Style: They allow you to express your unique style with various design and customization options.

Custom Skate Hip Pads with EUDE Technology

1.Enhanced Protection

Custom skate hip pads, equipped with EUDE intelligent switches, offer enhanced protection during skateboarding. Whether you're performing tricks at the skate park or cruising down the streets, these pads have got you covered. The moment of impact, they transition to a rigid state, creating a shield that minimizes the force of the collision.

2.Unmatched Comfort

While protection is the top priority, comfort is also essential for skateboarders. Custom skate hip pads with EUDE technology are designed to provide a comfortable fit. They adapt to your body's shape, allowing you to move freely without restrictions. You can enjoy your skateboarding sessions without worrying about discomfort.

3.Eco-Friendly Composition

EUDE intelligent switches aren't just about performance; they are eco-friendly too. With a remarkable 60% USDA Certified Biobased content, these switches are environmentally responsible. Skateboarders who care about sustainability can rest easy, knowing they're using gear that aligns with their values.

4.Applications Beyond Skateboarding

The versatility of EUDE intelligent switches extends beyond skateboarding. These switches have found applications in various industries, including sports equipment, protective gear, medical devices, and even robotic skin. Their ability to transition between soft and rigid states has made them a preferred choice in situations where impact protection is crucial.

5.Collaborative Industry Partnerships

The success of EUDE intelligent switches in custom skate hip pads is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. Leveraging their brand strength, patent portfolio, and distribution channels, companies are forging collaborative industry partnerships to expand the market presence of this groundbreaking technology.


Custom skate hip pads with EUDE intelligent switch technology are revolutionizing skateboarding safety. With superior impact protection, shock absorption capabilities, and a commitment to eco-friendliness, these pads are a smart choice for skateboarders who demand the best in performance and safety.

Discover how EUDE technology is transforming the world of protective gear. Whether you're a professional skateboarder or just enjoy the thrill of riding, these pads will keep you safe and comfortable. 

Get ready to take your skateboarding to the next level with EUDE intelligent switch technology today!

Hip Protector AD0702

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intelligent switches instantly between soft and stiff against impact with world leading impact protection and shock absorption performance.

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