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  • What's EUDE FOAM®?

    EUDE FOAM® is a nano-composite material with a microporous structure, which combines molecular science, mechanical and ergonomic design, provides both safety and comfortable experience for sport. (I) Most sports injuries originate from impact load exceeding the limits of human tissues (sports overload). Andy New Materials is committed to extending the impact response time and can reduce the maximum impact load by more than 70%.  (II) Some sports injuries originate from cyclical exercise or training, resulting in tissue fatigue overload. Andy New Materials is committed to multiple compounding techniques and ergonomics, dispersing stress in concentrated areas, and effectively relieving sports fatigue.
  • Why did you choose EUDE FOAM®?

    EUDE FOAM® has a leading professional patent technology and product advantages of integrating formula, process, design, production, and sales; -        International supply experience and stable and a stable and reliable channel; -        Product quality confirmed and recognized in the international market, comprehensive R&D technology, and certain high-end brand influence in the industry; -        A leading advantage in cost performance in the industry; -        Timely response and problem-solving ability; -        Steady and mature management model of teamwork and collaboration; -        Continuous innovation.
  • Is EUDE FOAM® technology patented?

    EUDE FOAM® series material is the independent intellectual property rights of Shenzhen Andy New Materials. EUDE FOAM® has obtained two invention patents for the materials and the preparation technique, and more than 30 patents for utility models domestic and overseas.
  • Where is the trademark EUDE FOAM® registered?

    EUDE FOAM® trademark is registered for use in China, the EU, and the United States.
  • What is the anti-impact protection principle of EUDE FOAM® products?

    The EUDE FOAM® material has special properties: when the impact speed is increases, the molecular chain of the material instantly locks itself, and the material hardens, and the faster the impact speed, the faster the material self-locking; during the hardening process, the impact energy is dispersed and conducted layer by layer, delaying the instantaneous impact time, and converting most of the impact energy into internal energy, thus reducing the damage of the energy passing through the material to human body and objects; When the impact stops, the material molecules release self-locking and return to the soft state. As a result, EUDE FOAM® can reduce the impact energy by more than 70-90% in different impact situations.
  • What are the advantages of EUDE FOAM® compared with traditional soft impact-resistant materials?

    The lower the energy-absorbing force through the material when subjected to an impact, the better the energy-absorbing effect of the material. Comparative tests have shown that EUDE FOAM® material has the best energy absorption effect for materials with the same thickness, and its energy absorption capacity is up to ten times of ordinary energy-absorbing materials (EVA, PE, rubber, etc.), thus extending the life of objects. With high impact resistance, flexibility and comfort, a high degree of fit, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it has a wide range of applications and prospects. , the new technology material leads the way in upgrading traditional protective products.
  • What are the advantages of EUDE FOAM® compared with traditional hard shells plus soft impact-resistant materials?

    An external hard shell with internal cushioning material is a traditional high-efficiency protection method. Hard shell reduces the impact energy distribution and concentrates the stress, while soft anti-impact material reduces the impact damage by buffering and delaying the impact time. However, with the hard shell, it will restrict the movement of the human body and increase the weight, and often the damage of the hard shell will lead to more direct injuries; Traditional soft impact-resistant materials have low energy absorption capacity, and mainly rely on buffering for protection, so the materials should be enough to play a protective role. Because of the existence of a hard shell, the reaction force damage to the force-exerting body is increased. EUDE FOAM® has the advantage of a hard shell with soft material. Through the combined action of instantaneous energy dispersion, cushioning, conversion, and absorption, it reduces the impact energy by 70-90%, thus having the advantages of a hard shell and soft material, and adding other advantages: It is thinner, softer, better fitting and more breathable; it also reduces reactive damage to the body of the force, providing protection in both directions.
  • Is EUDE FOAM® material bulletproof?

    Although EUDE FOAM® can't be bulletproof by itself, but can be enhanced by secondary compounding with other materials from and significantly absorbs secondary damage to the head caused by bullet shock.
  • Is EUDE FOAM® material stab-proof and cut-proof?

    EUDE FOAM® is not cut-proof and stab-proof on its own. We can achieve the cut- and stab-proof properties of EUDE FOAM® by secondary molding with cut- and stab-proof fabric; at the same time adding impact resistance to the stab-proof material, reducing the impact injuries caused by sharp objects such as knives due to the concentration of force.
  • Is EUDE FOAM® a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material?

    Yes. EUDE FOAM® products meet US and EU requirements for environmental protection and non-toxicity and are exported to European countries and the USA. They have been tested by SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, Rainbow and other internationally recognized third parties and meet the requirements of California 65, ROHS, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorizations and Restriction of Chemicals) and the environmental requirements requested by our customers. EUDE FOAM® has been designed from the design stage to reduce carbon emissions by reducing unnecessary materials and processing difficulties. During the production process, we adopt low energy consumption and automatic control to reduce energy waste. EUDE FOAM®'s materials are mainly made of raw materials extracted from a large number of original ecological crops, to avoid the impact of chemicals and materials on human health. To realize the environmental protection value of secondary utilization, the EUDE FOAM® products can be recycled, degraded, or changed. The company always regards “protecting human health and protecting the living environment” as its environmental protection esprit.
  • Does EUDE FOAM® have international certification?

    Yes. It has passed product certification and system certification: SGS, TUV, InterTek, Newton, SATRA, ISO9000, etc. The product has obtained the following test certificates: impact test, mechanical test, chemical composition test, mechanical property test, non-toxic test, customer customized test, customer on-site test certification, etc.


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