​EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology for High-Performance Sports Gear

Dec. 05, 2023

Smart EUDE FOAM, renowned for its outstanding impact resistance, intricate structural design, reliable quality, and exceptional cost-effectiveness, has emerged as the preferred material for sports protective padding on the global stage. Continuously advancing on the path of sustainable development, we have achieved USDA BioPreferred certification and successfully addressed the issue of organic tin residue in foam materials. Our focus now extends to the commercial utilization of recycled materials.

EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology 

By incorporating recycled materials, we seize the opportunity to reduce the demand for new raw materials, thereby minimizing our impact on natural resources. In comparison to traditional production methods, the preparation of recycled materials typically results in lower energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable production chain. As consumers, choosing eco-friendly products aligns with a proud and deeply-rooted trend, allowing us to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology 

Shoulder protector AD0203 was classical designed for motorcycle and skiing enthusiasts.  Utilizing the latest processes in recycled material incorporation, we have reformulated the shoulder protectors with 15% and 30% recycled content, respectively.  Rigorous impact testing according to EN1621-1 standards demonstrates that the addition of recycled materials mixing would not affect the impact resistance, well meeting the strict EN1621-1 Level2 requirements and performing as well as virgin materials.

EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology 

EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology 

Undoubtedly, introducing mature product with a high recycled material content to the market poses challenges, both in terms of manufacturing processes integration and the intricacies of the outside supply chain. However, together with our long-term partners, we remain steadfast in our belief that we are undertaking a challenging yet righteous endeavor. Through collaborative efforts, we are transforming the concept of "recycling" from a mere slogan into a tangible presence that stands with you and me.

EUDE FOAM Recycled Material Technology

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