EUDE Expands Operations with New Production Facility in Shenzhen

Jun. 26, 2023

EUDE moved to new home “New Material Pilot Industrialization Base” in September 2022 in Shenzhen Guangming New District, China.


2000m2 production workshop and 300m2 inspection center that will help alleviate the pressure caused by the increased number of orders, while also providing ample space for future expansion. EUDE FOAM® is utilizing intelligent, automatic, and digital production management techniques to achieve standardization and normalization, which is expected to become the foundation for the company's future growth.


The building itself is an industrial park that incorporates the latest design concepts and new materials, making it an ideal location for EUDE to expand their operations. Additionally, the factory has adopted the most advanced treatment technologies for waste water, waste gas, and solid waste to ensure that all settled enterprises do not have to worry about waste disposal.


The move to the new factory marks a significant milestone for EUDE FOAM® as they continue to expand their operations in the protection materials industry. With the increased capacity and modern production management techniques, EUDE is well-prepared to meet the rising demand for high-quality protection materials in various industries.

EUDE Expands Operations with New Production Facility in Shenzhen

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