EudeFoam and U.Protec Collaborate to Develop Nano-Impact Firefighter Protective Gear

Sep. 04, 2023

EudeFoam and U.Protec are pleased to announce their collaborative effort in creating innovative nano-impact firefighter personal protective gear(PPG).     

This partnership aims to address challenges faced by firefighting and rescue personnel during missions and training. Current PPG often lacks optimal impact protection, and available impact-absorbing materials might be rigid or insufficient, prompting the need for improved solutions in the field.


firefighter personal protective gear

The project focuses on the development of EudeFoam (smart novel nano-impact material ) that offers both impact resistance and comfort.  This material maintains a soft and comfortable state during normal activities, while also responding effectively to significant impacts.

Upon encountering a substantial impact, the material becomes rigid, effectively deflecting and absorbing impact energy to enhance protection.


firefighter personal protective gear

In addition to impact resistance, the developed material boasts flame-resistant properties, which were validated through comprehensive flame resistance testing.

Integrating ergonomic principles and the innovative nano-impact material, the project aims to enhance the design of firefighter gear, particularly in areas prone to impact.


The collaborative initiative envisions obtaining utility model patents and potentially an invention patent to further contribute to the safety and well-being of firefighters. 

The forest firefighting gear series resulting from this partnership holds promise for widespread adoption and positive economic and societal impact.

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