Revolutionizing Firefighter Safety: EUDE FOAM - A Breakthrough in Intelligent Impact-Resistant Protective Gear

Nov. 10, 2023

Firefighters have a hazardous profession, requiring them to risk their lives in extreme conditions to extinguish fires and rescue individuals. Various unexpected incidents can occur in complex fire situations, including falling objects, bodily collisions, and the impact of explosions. All three of these risks have the potential to cause severe harm to the firefighter's body and health. Therefore, firefighters need to wear impact-resistant protective gear to minimize the impact of these risks and ensure their safety.


EUDE FOAM® intelligent impact-resistant nano-bio-based material, a product of independent intellectual property rights from China, stands out as the best choice for firefighter protective gear materials. It possesses the following advantages and features:


firefighter protective gear materials

1. Outstanding Impact Resistance:

Its protective performance significantly surpasses traditional materials, exceeding the most stringent international standards. The protective performance is 5-10 times higher than that of traditional materials while being thinner and more comfortable.


Revolutionizing Firefighter Safety: EUDE FOAM - A Breakthrough in Intelligent Impact-Resistant Protective Gear

2. Intelligent Protection: 

It is soft and thin when worn. Upon impact, its molecular chain instantly self-locks, dispersing and converting the impact energy into heat. This minimizes the force of impact. When the impact force is gone, EUDE FOAM quickly regains its softness, offering intelligent adjustment.


3. Excellent Heat Stability and Flame Retardant Performance: 

EUDE FOAM meets the requirements for heat stability up to 260°C and flame retardant performance tests according to ISO 15025-2016, EN 469: 2005. It can burn for 15 seconds, with an afterflame time of less than 2 seconds, and without melting drips.


4. Bio-Based Priority: 

USDA bio-based certified, with 60% of raw materials derived from an industrial herbaceous plant's vegetable oil. This innovative raw material formula reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuels, decreases environmental impact, and aligns with the national strategy of "carbon neutrality."


5. Dynamic Protection: 

Through precise structural design and advanced manufacturing processes, the protective gear fits perfectly to the protected areas, allowing joints to move freely. It aims to provide firefighters with more comprehensive, flexible, and comfortable protection.


6. Quality Guarding Lives: 

Adhering to a comprehensive quality control process, each product undergoes thorough and precise testing and assessment. Equipped with state-of-the-art technical instruments and testing devices, the quality control process covers material testing, intermediate process control, and comprehensive inspection of finished products. This ensures continuous monitoring from the source to the end, guaranteeing that products meet industry standards and customer requirements.


7. One-stop Service: 

With a complete industry chain and comprehensive solutions, from exterior design, prototype validation, mold structure, precision manufacturing, fabric composite, to testing and certification, it covers the entire product lifecycle. Focusing on product details and technological innovation, the approach is always customer-centric, tailoring exclusive protection solutions according to customer needs.

firefighter protective gear materials

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