Zero Organic Tin, More Safety Sports Protective Pad

Nov. 28, 2023

In the dynamic world of sports, where charisma meets athleticism, the relentless specter of potential injuries is an ever-present reality.  Today, more than ever, individuals are seeking not just performance but also protection during physical activities. Recognizing the paramount importance of injury prevention, the evolution of protective gear has witnessed a paradigm shift towards innovative materials, and high-performance polymers, particularly the impact protective foam pad, have emerged as the vanguard in this arena.

Safety Sports Protective Pad 


Sport protective pad, with its lower density, lighter weight, and enhanced flexibility, has become the preferred choice for crafting sports padding, especially in accessories like insert or inner pads. Yet, the journey to producing the perfect foam pad involves navigating through the use of catalysts, commonly containing Organic Tin ingredients. Here lies the conundrum – while these catalysts are crucial for production, their Organic Tin content poses potential harm to both the human body and the environment.



Acknowledging this, manufacturers worldwide are diligently working to minimize Organic Tin content in foam materials to meet stringent environmental standards. Presently, most manufacturers have successfully brought Organic Tin content down to under 2ppm, although complete eradication remains a challenge.  For conscientious product managers responsible for sourcing in various sports brands, this situation, while commendable, still falls short of the ideal.  The journey towards perfection continues.

Safety Sports Protective Pad 

Smart EUDE FOAM, a trailblazer in the realm of cutting-edge materials. We're not just rewriting the rules; we're revolutionizing the game. Our research and development team has unveiled an extraordinary Bio-based formula, a game-changer in the industry, ensuring our materials are completely free of organotin components (SGS test reports in below), that is our team commitment to safety, innovation, and sustainability.

Zero Organic Tin, More Safety Sports Protective Pad 

What does this mean for sports enthusiasts? Picture sports gear that goes beyond expectations—it not only boasts unparalleled protective capabilities, but also offering a soft, skin-friendly, ergonomically designed experience that prioritizes safety for both the individual and the environment. Yes, safety is of paramount importance.

Safety Sports Protective Pad 

Smart EUDE FOAM, supporting every attempt for best sport experiences. Bid farewell to the era of compromise and embrace a sporting journey that's not only exhilarating but also sustainable. It's time to unleash the protective power of EUDE FOAM – which safety, innovation, and reliable converge in sport passion, ushering in a new era of sports protection.


Safety Sports Protective Pad

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