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MyoSwiss believe their cutting-edge technology can help people with mobility impairments make the most of their untapped potential to be physically active. To achieve this goal, they needed a cushioning material that could absorb shock and protect trainer against impact in the most stressful parts of their exoskeleton instruments. At that time EUDE FOAM – a smart bio-based nanomaterial was introduced to Myo by their American counterparts.


In the past, Myo struggled to find support from suppliers due to the low quantity demand for their projects. However, they decided to take a chance and reach out to EUDE FOAM. Fortunately, the response was positive, and the two companies quickly entered into a development phase.   The challenge was to fix the lining that was both reliable and replaceable and able to slightly move in the same direction as the force. Myo tried many design solutions, and the team at EUDE FOAM always cooperated actively, modify molds many times providing multiple versions of samples and overcoming technical difficulties one by one. The result is a stunning success story. With the help of EUDE FOAM, MyoSwiss has produced the satisfied exoskeleton instruments that provide exceptional comfort and protection.


Now we can see testers was able to take steady steps in the green mountains of the Alps, facing the wind and enjoying the world's beauty. EUDE FOAM smart impact-resistant protector that has the potential to change lives together with their partners.

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intelligent switches instantly between soft and stiff against impact with world leading impact protection and shock absorption performance.

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