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Thinkpad 30th Anniversary Lightweight Protection Backpack

EUDE FOAM® is proud to partner with Lenovo to provide innovative solutions for protecting electronic devices. To celebrated the 30th anniversary of the iconic Thinkpad brand, Lenovo set out to create a backpack that would improve the protection of electronic devices while remaining lightweight and portable.  This is where EUDE FOAM came in, offering a smart biobased protective nanomaterial that proved to be the perfect solution.


The communication between Lenovo and EUDE FOAM was highly efficient, resulting in the development of a lightweight protection scheme that sets a new standard in the market.  EUDE FOAM's excellent protection ability was utilized to design a corner protection scheme that minimizes the weight of the backpack while ensuring maximum protection for your electronic devices.  The shape design of the edge takes into consideration both shock resistance and the sewing process with the backpack, ensuring that everything is sturdy and secure.  The backpack has undergone rigorous testing, so you can trust that your computer warehouse will always be effectively protected.


EUDE FOAM technology works by creating a powerful protective layer around your electronic devices.  Under normal circumstances, the corners of the computer warehouse are elastic.  But in the event of an impact or squeeze, the molecules quickly tighten and harden, forming a protective layer around your computer 360 degrees. This makes the backpack an ideal choice for those who want to protect their electronic devices while on the move.


At EUDE FOAM, we provide innovative protection solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Whether you need to protect your laptop, tablet, or phone, we combine the latest manufacturing technology and the most advanced manufacturing concept to help you achieve the perfect protection.  Tell us your protection needs, and we will provide a solution that exceeds your expectations.  Contact us today to learn more about our protection solutions.  

Thinkpad 30th Anniversary Lightweight Protection Backpack

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